Unilever 80 years

Unilever 80 years

Context and challenges
In 2009, Unilever has completed 80 years of activities in Brazil. To celebrate, it has decided to launch the promotional campaign “Unilever 80 Years – 80 Days of Prizes for You”. Our challenge was to create an interactive action that could promote engagement among Unilever’s brands and consumers.

Solution and execution    
The solution proposed by MUV was to prepare a nationwide campaign in which people could participate through PIN Code*. To make this possible, Unilever had its production line adapted to allow the coding of millions of products from all categories with a promotion number.

To apply to more than R$ 2 million in prizes, the consumer should send the packaging code via SMS or for free on the Internet.

Promptly, MUV promoted integration with all mobile operators and created a unique LA** so that consumers could participate via SMS. In addition, an online dashboard*** was developed, which enabled the real-time monitoring of the promotion. Analyzing the data and the effectiveness of each entry, it was possible to identify improvement points and address them during the campaign.

• More than 22 million codes were sent by more than 2.5 million participants. 
• A growth of over 320% on sales volume.
• Search for the key-word “Unilever” raised 300%, which has intensified the brand’s presence on internet in all regions of Brazil.

Vivo, Claro, TIM, Oi and Nextel.


• 2010 – Tela Viva Móvel: Mobile Marketing Interaction 

* PIN Code: alphanumerical code available on the product’s packaging.
** LA (Large Account): number used in large campaigns or when you need to globalize the number to send the message via SMS. This number generally has five digits. LA’s advantage is to use a single number for all operators.
*** Dashboard: tool which allows to see indicators and graphs in one results’ panel.

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