Trident Fresh

Trident Fresh

Context and challenges
In 2009, Mondel─ôz launched a TV commercial to promote the new Trident Fresh, looking for more engagement with the young audience.

Solution and execution  
In the campaign’s commercial film, a girl on the subway fell in love at first sight and blew the wagon glass to write her phone number. From this situation, MUV has prepared a mobile marketing action to allow user interaction with the film.

After editing the video, it was created with the operators, a number for a unique local phone which appeared in the film. This way, the curious ones who dialed that number were surprised by the film’s girl and they could talk and flirt with her. When she answered the call, the girl used to say: "Hello! I've seen that curiosity is a quality you have. Now, I wonder if you are also good when it comes to flirting. Then the caller was asked to record his chat up. The bests were displayed on the website

To generate buzz in the Brazilian market, MUV also proposed to launch an iPhone app. In it, the user blew in iPhone's microphone to the screen go frozen, so that the user could do his/her own design on that. 

• We had 65 thousand calls in 16 days, what means an average of 4 thousand calls per day, even without a call to action*.
• During all campaign, the website had more than 285 thousand hits.

Partners Involved
Claro, Oi, Vivo and TIM.


•  2010 – Festival of Media – Highly Commended Award 

• 2009 – MMA Awards – Mobile Display Campaign

• 2010 – ProXXIma (one of the 5 best Mobile Marketing cases ever done in Brazil.)

* Call to action: means “lead the user to an action”. They are links or page functions that lead users to acting.

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