Sponsored data for Privalia

Sponsored data for Privalia

- Context and challanges

Privalia is an online-fashion outlet which holds the leading online-fashion sales in Brazil and around the world. Its chain of products offers lots of discounts in accessories of fashion clothing.

The easiest way for purchasing its products is via Privalia app which represents 70% of store sales flow. In Brazil, in April of 2016, the internet access through cell phones overtook the desktop internet access for the first time. According to sources of a Brazilian polling institute survey Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicilio (PNAD) from 204, more then 54, 9% of residences acquired internet access and the usage of cell phone access represents 80, 4%. How can this cell phone tendency be used to help a brand that has the biggest part of its sales by the app?


- Solution and execution

Navegue gratis (log on for free) project was the answer. There have been partnerships with cell company operators such as Tim and Vivo in order to permit the free access for visitor of their app without using data plans. Privalia was one of the first brands to offer these benefits to its users.