Netshoes Case Sponsored Data

Netshoes Case Sponsored Data

-  Context and challenges


Nowadays, Brazil has a very connected economy with the cell phone, besides, it’s the world’s 5th most expensive telecommunications cost. It led 80% of users who have prepaid plans and internet pack from 10MB per month.

It was possible to realize the users’ behavior on using mobile internet which all accesses in 2014 was 10% increased to 46% in 2015, but this raise didn’t end up in sales. It happened because users logged onto Netshoes mobile web address reluctant and afraid of having their internet plan been finished during the purchase. Furthermore, their priority was to use the internet pack to go on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networking services.



- Solution and execution

 In order to solve this problem, Netshoes called on all mobile phone operators of the country and became the world’s first e-commerce to implement the free access on both website and mobile app. There has been a massive advertisement to spread this new asset and afterwards, the mobile store numbers increased drastically in 4 months, and the result helped more than 160 million people.



-  Results

Average time of web navigation: +80%

Conversion rate: + 60%

Revenue: + 54%

Transactions: + 60%


- Awards

  • Tela Viva Móvel prize on Mobile Marketing
  • Golden Smarties Latam Prize for Lead Generation.
  • Silver Smarties Global  Prize for Promotion.