Vivo + Unilever Case

Vivo + Unilever Case

- Context and challenges

 In Brazil, users don’t want to see any advertisement while online. Due to spending data, the users think they are losing much time until achieving the desired content. Because of this, Vivo and Unilever teamed up to encourage people to watch advertising of its product in exchange for free internet.


- Solution and execution

In order to gain more data and log on the internet for free, mobile phone users who have got prepaid and low-cost plans used to go onto and from theirs cell phone web browsers had access of promotions available for their profile.

After that, they had just to watch a video and answer a question correctly at the end of the add.For example; the user could see a Dove shampoo recuperação extrema (extreme recovery) twice and win 10 mb for surfing the mobile net.