Free navigation to Santander clients

All customers can use the Santander applications (for current account) and Santander Way (cards) at will; Santander Universitario APP will give free access also to students who are not yet clients.

Since April, 25, Santander Brasil customers who have Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi mobile phones and iOS and Android operating systems will be able to use the app’s Santander, Santander Way and Santander University without spending the data packet itself. The initiative is part of the Bank's strategy of offering alternatives to customers that increasingly facilitate their day-by-day lives.

Now, the user can pay their bills, make transfers, check balance, statements, invoices and more by the Santander App. In addition, he can also manage the use of credit cards with the Santander Way app. Another new feature is that free navigation includes the Santander University app, so even students who are not Bank customers can access information about internships, scholarships and online courses. All this for as long as it is necessary , Without bothering to spend data packet on the phone. The benefit is initially valid until December 2017.

"The world is more digital and people have less and less time for bureaucratic issues. We need to contribute so that our client has tranquility and agility to solve their financial life. This gratuity is more than a benefit, because it turns into an economy for the customer ", says Cassius Schymura, director of CRM & Multicanal Platform.

The project was made possible through a partnership between Santander Brasil and MUV, a company that is specializes in bridging the worlds of telecommunications and advertising, and Datami, the American company responsible for technology integration with telephone operators.

28 April 2017