New solution guarantees access to users with No Data browsing in applications

Sponsored navigation in specific apps is a success in Brazil. Several brands have experimented, such as Bradesco, Netshoes, Mercado Livre, among others. The only problem is that its cost is high since it is necessary to bear the access of any user who opens the application when connected to the mobile network. Now, MUV and Datami, two companies that offer this service in partnership in Brazil, are bringing a more affordable variation to other brands. This is the sponsored navigation offering in specific apps only for users who are without data franchise. That is, the brand paid for access to your app only from the user who has exhausted your data package. This allows for better control of the project budget and does not require communication to the general public.
"The brand can establish a budget limit for this, turning off sponsored navigation when it hits it," explains Marcelo Castelo, one of the founders of MUV. "It's also easier to calculate the return on investment in the project because we know exactly who accessed the solution and how much revenue it generated," he adds. The executive reinforces that the novelty does not prevent the other model, free navigation for all, regardless of whether or not the user has a data package.
The new solution works in the four largest Brazilian operators and is being called internally in MUV and Datami in "no data". Brazil is the first market to try it. Three projects are undergoing advanced negotiations and should be launched in the coming months. Two of them are from mobile commerce apps and one is from a service provider with a large customer base and you want to reduce traffic in your call center.
In three years, MUV has participated in more than 30 apps projects with sponsored navigation. Today there are about 15 in activity.
MUV also announced the hiring of the executive Carlos Domingues as head of the telco market. He is now responsible for bridging the gap between carriers and advertisers. Domingues has extensive experience in the Brazilian telecom market.

22 March 2019

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