MUV impulses the use of the app Mira Aula

MUV launches another sponsored navigation project. Beginning in September, teachers and directors of the Mato Grosso state public education network, Claro, Vivo, Oi and Tim operators can use the benefit of navigating the Mira Aula app without consuming their data package. Mira Educação is the first technology and education startup to join the free navigation project

See the full release of the release below:


Making a call in just 15 seconds is already a reality for teachers in the public school of Mato Grosso using the Mira Aula application. Now, they have just gained access to MUV's "Free Browser" service and can increase usage of the app without consuming the mobile data package.

"It is a privilege to be able to transform technology into a classroom instrument, especially in the fight against school dropout," says Marcelo Castelo, CEO and partner of MUV, a company that today leads the development of free navigation projects in Brazil and is responsible for Mira's project with the four largest carriers in the market. Mira Education's free navigation benefit is supported by DataMi the mobile marketing platform which Mira Educação free navigation benefit is supported by DataMi the mobile marketing platform which allows free navigation.

Developed by Mira Educação for Brazilian public school teachers, the Mira Aula application is still able to save up to ten hours of bureaucratic work done by teachers in the week. The demand for free navigation was perceived from a series of research and testing with application users. "To reach all corners of Brazil, we need connectivity, in different types of environment, to any teacher in our partner networks," says Caroline Tavares, Mira's pedagogical director.

The "Navegue Grátis" service is available to all 6,863 teachers from 230 schools participating in the "Correction of Flow" project of the State Department of Education, Sports and Leisure of Mato Grosso (Seduc / MT). By posting class content and student attendance in a digital class journal, the teacher has the ability to send automatic SMSs to the students' parents so they can easily follow their children's school life. In order to receive the messages, the parents must have their register in Mira Educação, by telephone (0800 8787 900), by WhatsApp (11 99832-3307) or by the Facebook startup page (www.facebook.com/miraeducacao ).

About Mira Education
Mira Educação was born in 2016 with the mission of developing learning tools capable of facilitating the lives of teachers and managers, involving those responsible and ensuring an improvement in the educational process of children in a scalable and low cost way. The company's focus is on public education, creating technological solutions appropriate to the Brazilian socio-economic context. Learn more at: http://www.miraeducacao.com.br.



11 October 2017