MUV expands media hub services and wants to have offices in other countries

PROPMARK -  published in 08 de October 2018

In November 2018, MUV (Mobile Unique Vision), which belongs to the WPP Group, completes three years of independent market activity. The work in the area of mobile marketing, carried out by Marcelo Castelo and Rafael Magdalena, began almost 15 years ago at F.biz, in São Paulo.
The company, which currently has an office in Brazil and the United States, makes it easier for advertisers to get closer to the App developer market. With initiatives supported by free navigation and media hub projects, MUV has already developed more than a thousand projects for clients such as Netshoes, Privalia Brasil, Magazine Luiza, Natura, Santander, and Casas Bahia, among others.
"The App developer market has brought in a large inventory that goes far beyond Facebook and Google and can be exploited to ensure sales, registrations, frequency, or any other target set by the brands. We offer our media buying service to the entire market and the work is done according to the goals of our customers, "comments Marcelo Castelo, CEO of MUV.
In order to offer brands in both sectors the opportunity to intensify the reach and engagement of their customers in the mobile environment, MUV is expanding its services to several countries in Latin America and Europe. In just over a year, the work done for Privalia Mexico generated $ 11 million of additional revenue for the App. The project should follow for Spain and Italy.
"We often get 100% performance-based deals with local customers. This work is very interesting because it only pays if we generate a new client, who installed the App and made a purchase, for example. For the publisher, the owner of the App, is also interesting, because it is better to have an advertiser entering the risk than to have nothing, "says Castelo.
Other news of the company are the projects for the Brazilian game developer Fanatee in more than 12 countries, and the hiring of Guilherme Caldeira as the new director of the media hub. The professional, who has more than 12 years of experience in the field, will work on the creation of strategies based on technology, intelligence, and profitability.
According to Castelo, the smartphone seems to be already an omnipresent thing, but it will become even more so. "There is still a lot of opportunities to grow. The cell phone will not get out of people's hands. The faster the internet connection, the faster people will browse, the more applications they will access and the more advertising they will see. The average time of people on the cell phone will only increase. Some studies show that the average time of people in the device, in some places in the United States, for example, should already surpass television, "he reports.
With a pulsating market, MUV intends to close 2018 with a total of three million installations, which generated more than R $ 45 million of additional revenue through a proprietary methodology, which provides the customer with an inventory that was very difficult to access.
"Our expectation is to make the average hub scale up globally. We already buy media in several countries, but we want to have local service. We hope to open offices in various places and continents. And let's take advantage of the WPP group platform for this. We must open an office in Mexico because in addition to Privalia we won two other clients that we will announce later this year ", ends Castelo.

31 October 2018