Lauch for Free Navigation to iFood

Brazilian customers from Vivo, Claro, Tim and OI mobile phone companies have been able to make their orders on IFood app without having their data plans subtracted since December of 2016. 

This benefit could only be used through a partnership that MUV created between Ifood and mobile phone companies. 


See the complete release for launch bellow:


Since 26 december, iFood users can place their orders via mobile app without consuming or data plan of the mobile. The service is offered to all customers for Claro, Tim, Oi and Vivo. After research in all regions where a company operates, was concluded that there are a significant number of customers who was not able to conclude the order or make a new one, due an Internet connection issues. The company's larger goal is to make life easier for everyone and to kill any kind of hunger, so was necessary make the connection easier. Now the consumers browse for free to request their orders. Just open the application and carry out the purchase procedure the same way as always.

For Arthur Santos, iFood Marketing Director, "This initiative was under study over time, inside a list of implementations in technology and facilities to engage and enhance a relationship between our users and the application. Also we want to maximize our quality and convenience that only iFood brings to peoples life’s,  who are looking for food delivery. For us finding partners as Claro, Tim, Vivo and Oi will bring coverage properly aligned with a National scope of the company ".

The project is led by MUV, the pioneering company and the leader in bridging the worlds of telecommunication and advertising. “We believe that people should navigate on 2G, 3G, 4G as they used to do on Wi-Fi, very calms and without concern to use all the data plan” said Marcelo Castelo, CEO of MUV.

The free navigation benefit of iFood is supported by Datami technology company that is integrated into the all the largest Carriers in Brazil. "We are excited to enable free navigation for iFood customers in Brazil and to enable future expansion to other countries --- such as Mexico and Argentina --- as easy as a click," said Harjot Saluja, CEO of Datami.


30 January 2017