HDI Seguros now has free navigation in your app

Users of all carriers will be able to access the German insurer's app without spending their data plan.

Ease and speed is all that the insured wants when they need to report a claim, consult the service network or perform surveys. With the mobile phone at your fingertips all the time, getting a hands-on service is even simpler. At HDI Seguros the service is already allied to the application, which now offers a new benefit: free navigation. Beginning this month, customers will be able to access the insurer's app without consuming their data plan, either on the 3G or 4G network.

The expectation is to encourage the use of all the features of the application, such as card view, policy, payments, warning and follow up of claims and even scheduling of inspection. "Free navigation is a trend that we perceive in other markets and is becoming a differentiator from the point of view of the consumer. Our goal is to provide a satisfactory experience for the customer, offering agility and practicality," says Paulo Moraes, director of HDI Marketing.

The company hopes, with the new initiatives, to significantly increase the number of policyholders who have the application installed on the smartphone. In addition, the insurer intends to have the application as the main means of contact with the client in the medium term. "The improvements we make in the application are focused on the consumer, with the goal of giving him more autonomy. The opening time of a claim, for example, can fall by half if done via app, that is, the process becomes much faster and cheaper", explains Moraes.

Free access to the insurer's application works for smartphones with iOS and Android systems. In order to enjoy the benefit, the customer must have an active data package contract.

Project launch news on Mobile Time:  http://www.mobiletime.com.br/15/05/2018/hdi-seguros-passa-a-ter-acesso-patrocinado-em-seu-app/490584/news.aspx

17 May 2018