90% of Mercado Livre customers say that sponsored navigation is a differential when downloading the app

MUV, in partnership with MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), promoted the event "Connecting Millions: How data sponsorship expands the presence of brands in the mobile universe", on October 25, at its head office in São Paulo. Several clients and brands like C&A, Banco Cetelem, Avon, the technical partner DataMi, the carriers Claro and Tim, as well as speakers Fernanda Xavier, Head of Mobile MKT of MUV, Maura Coracini, Head of Digital & Media by Kantar Millward Brown and Renato Fernandes, Mercado Livre Retention Supervisor, attended the workshop.

The study presented by Maura pointed out the behavior of people and the scenario of the mobile world in Brazil. 800 consumers who own a cell phone, smartphone or tablet with Internet access responded the survey. Of that universe, 89% said they would watch a video of a brand in exchange for data, and 82% would agree to consume a product or service if the brand did not use the user data package.

Fernanda Xavier has presented the sponsored data and data rewards projects offered by MUV with the help of technology company DataMi, responsible for allowing data traffic to mobile operators. According to her, the consumer goes through three stages in sponsored data actions. The first is the identification and understanding of the benefit received. Marked by a change of habit, the next phase shows that the client starts navigating without distinction of time or network. In the third and last step, the user incorporates free navigation and the benefit becomes indispensable in their day today.

Both sponsored data and data rewards work in a variety of segments, from services and consumer goods to airlines, banks, and e-commerce. The sponsored access accomplishes one of the main desires of the people: to have access to the internet anywhere, at any time, and in the palm of the hand.

Lastly, Renato Fernandes shared insights and learning about the free navigation project made by MUV. A survey carried out with the company's clients revealed that the accesses by app or web mobile reach 50% of the total and that 46% of the items were purchased via mobile. The project placed the Free Market app among the 20 most downloaded by Google Play and Apple Store without adding to the advertising investment.

With broadcast on Facebook Live , the MUV event was covered by the Mobile Time site. Check here the material signed by Henrique Medeiros.

11 November 2017