CLIPPING: Project for Netshoes Group

To top off the launch of MUV, the first case of this new WPP Digital's mobile marketing company has been widely reported in the press.

MUV held a pioneering project in partnership with Netshoes Group, which operates the world’s largest e-commerce of sporting goods in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, in addition to Zattini, a fashion e-commerce. Now, Brazilian Internet users can surf online for free on mobile apps and websites of Netshoes ( www.netshoes.com.br) and Zattini ( www.zattini.com.br ) without any consumption from their data plan. The idea of free traffic to Netshoes’ consumers places the Group as the world’s first e-commerce to offer free access to their virtual stores via mobile network.

And this is only possible thanks to the bridge MUV has built between the advertiser and the Brazilian mobile operators.
The articles are in Portuguese as they were published by Brazilian media. 

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30 November 2015